with DR. GERARD F. JUDD, Ph.D.




Originally by Dr. Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D., Chemistry and Fluoride Researcher

I now place in everyone's hand the complete answer to fixing tooth cavities .  Following this procedure there will not be one more cavity, one more gingivitis case, or one more fluorosed, brittle, cracked tooth in the world.  Bad teeth in Ireland, Canada, the USA, Britain, Australia and New Zealand will now be curbed.  The 55-year fight with fluoride promoters (dentists) in these countries is over since research now establishes for certain that fluoride makes the teeth WORSE and not better (refs 1,2,3).  My book about fixing your teeth is Good Teeth, Birth to Death lays out in no uncertain terms all the detail to achieve my claims.

I have talked to thousands of people about their teeth, many of whom have perfect teeth.  In all those cases of perfect teeth, the practice of rinsing while eating has been the reason, and not fluoride.  I am convinced that perfect teeth have little or nothing to do with genetics.  The best way to have perfect teeth besides staying away from greedy or incompetent dentists is to pursue the following behavior:


1. Rinse acids off the teeth during eating (ref 4).

2.      Brush the teeth with bar soap (ref 5).

3.      Take calcium pills with vitamin D daily (ref 6).

4.      Take monosodium phosphate daily (ref 7).

5.      Take freshly made sodium ascorbate daily for gum connections to the teeth (ref 8).

6.      Dispense with the worry that bacteria harm teeth: THEY CANNOT (ref 9).

7.      Dispense with the worry that sugar destroys teeth.  I find sugar has little or nothing to do with cavities (ref 10).

8.      Avoid all fluoride products.  They destroy teeth, unravel enzymes and cause 113 ailments (ref 11).

(ref 1)  J Pub Health Dentistry, Nov 1993.  This article states we have a tooth decay epidemic in the US since 42% of people over 65 years of age have no natural teeth, 44-year-olds have an average of 30 decays, 17-year-olds have an average of 11 decays, the blacks and the poor are twice as bad as this and the American Indians have four times the tooth trouble.  American Indians have free dental care, and have had since almost the beginning of fluoridation.  If fluoride helped prevent cavities at a rate of 80% per 15 years as the proponents of fluoride claimed in the beginning of the early studies of the forties, US residents would now have less than 2 cavities per person (my calculation).

(ref 2)  In MediZine, V6 #2, April of 2000, the American Dental Association again states that a dental epidemic exists and 42% of those over 65 years of age and 25% of those over 44 years of age have no natural teeth.  They admit their ignorance as to why.

(ref 3)  4 curves representing a total of 480,000 students and covering over 30 years of study indicate that the increasing concentration of fluoride in drinking water from 0 to 1 ppm increases the cavities 7, 43, 22 and 10% in Japan, Tucson, India and the US (see GTBD, pp 44,45,46 and 49).  In other words, fluoridation about doubles cavitation from the normal (my calculation).  Numerous studies verify the fact that fluoridation of water increases cavities.

Tooth enamel (essentially calcium phosphate) reacts with all acids to form cavities (see any chemistry text dealing with solubilities).  The proton of the acid pulls the phosphate right out of the enamel, and fast. 

Reenamelization of the teeth occurs when they are clean. 

Vitamin C powder is good for your teeth.


Bacteria & Teeth

(ref 9)  We know that bacteria have nothing to do with loss of enamel.  Witness the billions of animal and human remains in the earth which have lost all the flesh and are reduced to tooth enamel and bones.  It is quite evident that the teeth have been through bacterial contact but are unaffected.  The same with human teeth.  They cannot be affected by bacteria, because there is no carbon or hydrogen in enamel, which bacteria subsist on.  Study of streptococcic mutans as a source of so-called "decay" is a waste of government funding donated to dental organizations.


Sugar & Teeth

(ref 10)  Sugars (fructose, glucose and sucrose) were found in my laboratory studies to be unable to dissolve calcium phosphate to any extent, even in hot water solution.    The reason for this is that the chelation process of the sugar towards teeth is slow because of the large size of the molecule and perhaps for the particular shape of the chelate formed.  Sugars are not the cause of tooth cavities to any great extent, but still it will do no harm to rinse them off the teeth after consuming candy, especially the sticky variety.  The adhering barrier will prevent reenamelization.