with DR. GERARD F. JUDD, Ph.D.

1. Tooth cavities will be ended simply by rinsing acids off the teeth. ACIDS ALONE EAT THE ENAMEL. THERE WOULD BE NO CAVITIES IN THE WORLD if all people rinsed acids from their teeth promptly. Just sip water, milk or other liquid while eating. Water reacts with acids.

2. Foods and drinks, other than those containing acids, have no action on tooth enamel. SUGARS HAVE NO ACTION ON THE ENAMEL.

3. Bacteria cannot damage the enamel (calcium hydroxy phosphate). There is no such thing as decay of the enamel since bacteria require carbon and hydrogen to live. Billions of human and animal remains show teeth and bones are resistant to earth-bound organisms.

4. Teeth reenamalize when clean. TO MAKE TEETH CLEAN ONE BRUSHES WITH ANY BAR SOAP. Soap washes off in just 2 rinses. What about toothpastes? Glycerine in all tooth pastes is so sticky that it takes 27 washes to get it off. Teeth brushed with any toothpaste are coated with a film and CANNOT PROPERLY REENAMELIZE.

5. Taking calcium and phosphate in the diet results in reenamelization of the teeth, but only when they are clean. Bar soap does a perfect job in cleaning the surface. The enamel thickens and becomes less sensitive. Adenosine diphosphatase furnishes phosphate to teeth.

6. Gums are disinfected by brushing with any bar soap. Not only bacteria and viruses are destroyed promptly by small amounts of soap in water, but also white flies and aphids. Gardeners: Spray 1 tsp of dishwashing soap in 1 gallon of water to kill white flies and aphids.

1. Rinse acids off the teeth during eating (ref 4).

2.      Brush the teeth with bar soap (ref 5).

3.      Take calcium pills with vitamin D daily (ref 6).

4.      Take monosodium phosphate daily (ref 7).

5.      Take freshly made sodium ascorbate daily for gum connections to the teeth (ref 8).

6.      Dispense with the worry that bacteria harm teeth: THEY CANNOT (ref 9).

7.      Dispense with the worry that sugar destroys teeth.  I find sugar has little or nothing to do with cavities (ref 10).

8.      Avoid all fluoride products.  They destroy teeth, unravel enzymes and cause 113 ailments (ref 11).