Vitamin C

(ref 8)  Vitamin C powder at Trader Joes is $9.99/lb.  Put 1 level tsp (4 g) in a glass, add 1/2 tsp Arm and Hammer baking soda, add 1 inch of water, let fizz, dilute to 8 oz and drink.  The compound made here is fresh sodium ascorbate.  This is about 1000 x as soluble as C, and is more reactive towards antibody and connective tissue construction and viral destruction.  Thus the gums knit back to the teeth, avoiding any kind of oral surgery for "receding gums."  Receding gums are nothing but gum pockets caused by toothpaste and especially fluoride, which severs all proteins because of its highly negative character.  Fluoride is the smallest negative ion on earth, and consequently is the most intensely negative particle on earth.  As such, fluoride breaks the positive hydrogen bonds, which hold the coils together, in proteins and enzymes.